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NEWS:Gemma has been featured in the May 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine Siberian Cat article on pg 28. Thank you, Helmi Flick for the photo and submission!

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Silver Siberian Cats & Kittens

The sparkle and dazzle of silver Siberian Cats can't be beat.

Shaded Silver - rareImage of Siberian Kitten with child

The only silver more rare in our breed is the chinchilla (a nearly white cat with only hints of color on the tips), this shaded silver color is outrageously beautiful especially as the cat matures. The kitten is usually born a fairly light color of silver but with obvious stripes or spots visible. As the Siberian cat matures into a Siberian kitten the color becomes lighter, or brighter, as the coat lengthens and the silver shaded coloring becomes more evident.

Watch the color progress here in this Siberian cat, Sophie from our 2008 litter. As a kitten she was a bright silver, right away we knew we had something special but we could not be sure she'd grow up to be silver shaded. Sophie is actually a Siver shaded torbie but for our demonstration (and to the eye) she appears to be just silver.

Shaded Silver Siberian Cat
Silver Siberian Kitten 7 months old Adult Silver Shaded Siberian Cat
Image of silver Siberian Kitten Image of Siberian Kitten with child Image of Siver Siberian Cat at 3 years old.

Red Silver Tabby Siberian Cat

Image of red silver Siberian cat AslanRed Silver Tabby Siberian cats are beautiful to behold. The red is like a blush of color over the coat with red tips that can vary from a very deep or "hot" red to a pale almost cream. For us the red silvers are always a joy reminding us of our first, Pendraig Aslan SunFire. Aslan is actually also a "bi-color" as he has a lovely white ruff, white spotting on his feet and belly with the cutest white stip up his nose.

Since Aslan we've been blessed with many red silver tabbies varying in shade, brightness and pattern. Some are red silver classic bi-color Siberian cats, others are red silver mackerel tabbies with barely noticable silver to their coats as kittens. All are beautiful.

Red Silver Siberian Cat
Red Silver Classic Siberian Kitten (Bi-Color) Red Silver Mackerel Siberian Kitten Red Silver Classic Siberian Kitten female (with white)
Image of red silver classic bi-color Siberian kitten. Image of red mackerel silver Siberian kitten. Image of orange silver classic Siberian Kitten

Silver Torbie Siberian Cat

image of silver torbie Siberian cat queen.Silver Torbies are beautiful with the dramatic patches of color all over their body making each girl a unique and extraordinary work of art.

Add to the mix the varities in pattern and shade, brightness and contrast and there is an endless possibility of beautiful silver torbie Siberian cats possible.


Silver Torbie Siberian Cat
Silver Torbie Classic Siberian Kitten (Bi-Color) Silver Mackerel Torbie Siberian Kitten bicolor Dark Silver Torbie Siberian Kitten female
image of silver torbie Siberian kitten bicolor. Image of young silver calico Siberian kitten. Image of silver mackerel torbie Siberian cat.

Smoke Tortie & Smoke Calico Siberian Cat

Image of smoke calico Siberian Cat.Siberian Cats of the Smoke Tortie and Smoke Calico (torties with white) variety are gorgeous and just as unique as the silver torbies. The play of color, light and dark plays across their fur becomes a masterpiece only nature can create.

On top of the usual varieties with this color we've also had some unusual smoke calicos with dark and light patches creating an almost "merle" appearance such as is found in dogs. These are extremely unique and rare cats that some find odd and others alluring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed.


Smoke Tortie & Smoke Calico Siberian Cat
Smoke Claico Siberian Kitten Smoke Calico Siberian Cat Blue Smoke Calico Siberian Kitten
image of smoke calico Siberian kitten. Image of unusual smoke calico Siberian cat. Image of blue smoke calico Siberian Kitten.



Image of merle smoke siberian kitten
Pendraig Brusnika Aslanovna SunFire
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